The patented V-Flap is a superior aerodynamic mud flap that saves fuel, increases safety, last longer and is in unision with EPA Smartway program.

Mudguard Technologies LLC has developed V-Flap, an eco friendly truck mud flap, with aerodynamics to save fuel consuption, hydrodynamics to suppress Spray and Splash, carefully engineered structural design to prevent Sailing and to provide stronger mounting holes that reduces accidental dislodging of mud flap. V-Flap can be mounted on standard brackets without any modifications.


V-Flap cost is upto 70% less than our competitors and is superior multi functional aerodynamic mud flaps. V-Flap provides upto four times greater return on invenstments than side-skirt.


Unlike our competitors, the V-Flap is manufactured with specially compounded plastic material to withstand road abuse and cold weather applications. Please visit  cold weather test video for more information. 

We are confident, after listening to many fleet owners who have swithched from our competitors and are using V-Flap™ that you should be a part of the great mud flap revolution! The V-Flap™ mud flap is the only product on the market that has multiple functions, longer life and the lowest retail price. The fuel savings alone are expected to pay for the extra cost of the V-Flap within a few months!


Mudguard Technologies LLC, is a woman-owned minority business enterprise, that has been developing proprietary patented products since 1982 for various industries. We have developed V-Flap aerodynamic mud flap by focusing on customer expectation about a product’s performance, price and functionality.