What V-Flap is?

The patented V-FLAPTM is a superior aerodynamic mudflap that saves fuel, increases safety, lasts longer, and is in unison with the EPA Smartway program.

Why V-Flap?

V-Flap costs less, performs better and comes with a 100% performance guarantee..

Proudly Made in the USA

Save Money - Save Lives.

Costs Less - Performs Better

100% Performance Guaranteed

Aerodynamic mud flap for trucks & trailers

Flap brand aerodynamic mud flaps for trucks and trailers are the “game changer” that offers industry’s best price, performance and protection:

Mudguard Technologies LLC is a woman-owned minority business enterprise (WMBE) that has been developing proprietary patented products since 1982 for various industries. 

We are confident, after listening to many fleet owners who are using the patented V-Flap™ brand mud flaps since 2010 with zero percentage return, that you should be a part of the "game changing" mud flap revolution! 

An independent third party fuel economy test by M-V-T-S (division of Mesilla Valley Transportation) has confirmed that V-Flap mud flaps are superior in performance (27.4%) in comparision to its competitors. V-Flap's fuel savings alone are expected to pay for the extra cost of the V-Flap™ within few months.

V-Flap mud flap performs 27.4 better than any other mud flaps




V-Flap mud flap performs 27.4 better than any other mud flaps










1)       V-Flap mud flap's aero-dynamics design increase fuel efficiency,

2)       V-Flap mud flap's  hydro-dynamics design reduce spray to increase road safety,

3)       V-Flap mud flap's unique structural design prevents curling to comply with codes requirements, and

4)       V-Flap mud flaps are interchangeable with current US mud flaps.


1)       V-Flap brand mud flaps are manufactured in the State of Tennessee, USA by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company that is an UL Recognized manufacturing facility and in compliance with TS 16949, an automotive quality assurance standard.

2)       V-Flap mud flaps are made with specially compounded plastic material that provide durability against extreme road conditions during all weathers. Please visit the Cold Weather Test Video for more iformation.


1)       V-Flap brand mud flaps are protected under US patent number RE 44,755 (formally 8,146,949).

2)       V-Flap patent’s validity was challenged, however, the U.S. District Court of Western Michigan has ordered its opinion to confirm its validity.

3)       V-Flap mud flaps come with 100% performance guarantee when used with standard care.


1)       V-Flap mud flaps are packaged 200 each per skid.

2)       V-Flap mud flaps come in two widths, 24" and 18" for single wide based tires.

3)       V-Flap mud flaps come in four different lengths, 24", 27", 30" and 36".



24" wide mud flaps

Model No. Size Thickness Pallet Quantity Unit weight
19871-2424 24" x 24" 5/16" 200 2.6 lbs
19871-2427 24" x 27" 5/16" 200 2.9 lbs
19871-2430 24" x 30" 5/16" 200 3.2 lbs
19851-2430 24" x 36" 3/8" 200 4.5 lbs

18" wide mud flaps

Model No. Size Thickness Pallet Quantity Unit weight
19871-1824 18" x 24" 5/16" 200 2.0 lbs
19871-1827 18" x 27" 5/16" 200 2.2 lbs
19871-1830 18" x 30" 5/16" 200 2.4 lbs


For more information, call 615-812-6164 or write to us at vflaps@gmail.com.

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